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Dinner at Denny's Diner

Hooray for a restaurant/diner post. I am in the middle of contemplating whether I should still keep this little space alive because I cannot longer maintain it. But the main purpose of this blog was really to capture my memories, the digital version of my diary. Enough drama! It is …
Food & Places

Solstice by Illustrado

It’s been a long time since I attended a blogger event. My startup events life has always been busy lately. I got an invite from Aldous to celebrate his birthday at Solstice in Rockwell. I’ll be with Eyah, so I said yes. It was raining that night and when we …
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The Beauty of Traveling

We are always looking for different ways to increase the amount of beauty and positivity in our lives. Beauty surrounds us and it is not hard to find, but we always want to keep enhancing and finding more ways to beautify. Just like internal beauty is just as important as …