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Hey, I am SAM ADEA for those who personally know me, my real name is far from Samantha or Samuelle. Most people call me sammy, samski, or samita but my parents call me Sarah Marie. I am happily married to a loving and supportive husband, Nomar (not Norman) and we are hopeful to be parents soon. To share a bit more, I love reading self-improvement books, watching movies and series, cooking, taking personality tests and studying astrology – Scorpio, snake, anglerfish, the commander. Lethal!

I am drawn to creating content, my dad thought I would be on TV after graduation. Instead, I was introduced to marketing and events where I served my first seven years in the workforce organizing a prestigious industry event (2009 – 2016). I moved to an e-commerce, still doing events (2016-2017), joined Manila Workshops as an Event Director (2017), then helped set up another e-commerce company (2018). I am proud to be an Entrepreneur serving clients for their marketing and event needs.

All along those years, I have accepted freelance projects as an event coördinator (2014), marketing consultant (2017), and a content writer (2013). Add all the oatmeal cookies I baked to sell during Christmas, bead projects, and simple graphic designs.

Shoutout to all the team who always hire me, family and friends, who trusted their special occasions to me. 🙌 Check some of my events here💗

My love for blogging evolved from a simple journal writing to signing up for lots of online journals. I’ve always wanted to write for a magazine but my career led me on a different path. I started this online space in 2009, I just love letting my thoughts out because I find it noisy inside my head to have this never-ending babbles. Plus, writing long pieces with a pen can numb my hand.

About the Blog

Welcome to DISHYSAMMY, I get a lot of questions about my blog name. Well, dishy is an adjective synonymous with pretty or attractive or beautiful or pleasant. lol I was just browsing a rhyming word to my nickname, hence, DISHYSAMMY. Narcistic, huh?

I started writing roundabouts, movie and book opinions, favorite recipes, my happy relationship with my husband, and makeups. As the year goes by, I wanted this blog to be something else. I am thankful for the friends I got to know because of this blog plus the brands who worked with me.

I want to dedicate this blog to my PCOS cysters. To build a community where we will all figure out science to reverse it or live with it. I’ve been diagnosed in 2007 and until now battling with the mood swings and weight gain (and all visible symptoms written for PCOS). I hope my journey will somehow make women with the same condition feel that they are not alone. Plus, find this blog a source for quick hacks and other information about PCOS.

A space of feel-good and inspiration to all women out there.

Moving Forward

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures. Feel free to message me in any of my social media accounts, I have insomnia, I’ll definitely reply.

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