DISHYSAMMY by Sam Lanuza

SAMMY (n) Event Planner / Entrepreneur Princess / Wife / PCOS Fighter

I am crazy about succulents, I love using All Spice for my cooking, and I am obsessed with stationery.

(2017) Hello! I am Sam. Thank you for clicking the About Me page to get to know me and my blog.  I’ve always wanted to write for a beauty magazine (and become a radio DJ). I remember when I had this notebook I called “Glow” where I jot down all beauty tips from Lifestyle Network and Candy Magazine. Growing up I’ve shifted reading Cosmopolitan Magazine, I even applied my internship there and I was accepted by Entrepreneur Magazine instead. Through the years, being talkative as I am, I have started several online journals and just write (Xanga, Multiply, Blogspot, and even Friendster/Facebook notes).

I started blogging seriously in 2009 where I write my food adventures, recipes I have tried and created, travel diaries, makeup looks, and any random topic I can think of. Sometimes I will just be up all night having thoughts inside my head, so I get up and type them instead.

In 2012, a friend of mine convinced me to create DISHYSAMMY, (dishy as per Mr. Thesaurus means – pretty! Lol) a dedicated blog for my makeup addiction, I love lipsticks and mascaras. I was so dedicated I posted almost every day. It’d paid off as brands started contacting me, gained readers, and blogger friends. Somewhere between, career became my priority, I lost the fire and opted to sleep on my free time.

Fast forward to 2017, I quit my day job (yey!), I am focusing becoming an entrepreneur: helping family and friends with their businesses, while growing my event planning baby (Are you getting married? Shameless plugging). I am also now merging the two blogs I separated to share my story with all of you.

Topics I will cover will still include beauty (hooray for more #FOTD), of course, more food and travel adventures, my PCOS journey for health and fitness, my artsy side (including my bullet journal) and anything under the sun. I want to inspire women who are struggling with medical conditions like I am that they can still be beautiful on the outside and most especially on the inside. And if you are planning to have a baby like a I do, I can be your confidant and become mommy friends in the future.

I am thankful for everyone for continually encouraging me to do this. I hope I will make your reading worthwhile.

Keep shining!

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