DISHYSAMMY by Sam Lanuza DISHYSAMMY is a beauty and style blog from the Philippines, owner Sam Lanuza loves to write, she  also loves makeup (particularly lipsticks and mascara), and she wanted to share them to her friends. DISHYSAMMY becomes a product archive of her tested and favorites products while inserting her makeup skills in between. If it is not here, probably it didn’t work for her or she haven’t try it yet. SHe also shares beauty hacks, remedies, and trends from time to time. The author also writes beauty and lifestyle articles at www.sistersecrets.com

BEAUTY PROFILE: (skin type) combination (skin color) fair (undertone) neutral (hair) color treated, wavy.

DISCLAIMER: This is a PR friendly site. She receives products editorial consideration. The author may receive compensation to feature such posts. Those products are properly identified and rest assured that the opinion stated in each article is 100% genuine. Some featured product here may not suit your personal taste or skin conditions, please adapt with precaution.

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