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Written November 17, 2017, 03:30 AM Why I hide my birthday? I grew up in a family where we were getting used to not being showy. My parents last greeted me personally when I was eight and returned greeting me via text when I turned adult. It’s the way things …
Guest Post

Sparkly Summer Beach Wedding Trends We Love

It isn’t every day that you hear the wedding bells chime and you’re the one in the gorgeous white gown walking down the altar. Every woman dreams of their own special day and having a wedding by the beach is growing in trends that have couples jumping on the bandwagon to …
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Repost: CF101 at Crossfit Insurrecto

This post originally appeared on Sister Secrets website in 2014. I am reposting it here so you guys can read my experience. All photos were taken by me, but watermarked to Sister Secrets as they were the one who sent me for trial. Let’s get fit with Crossfit Exercise is …