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What I Know About Massage

After netball practice, I booked a relaxing massage because I was feeling really sore in my legs. After talking with the therapist, I realized a deep-tissue massage was what I needed. During our session, I learned about the different types of massages and wanted to share some of what I …
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Fitness: Introducing #KiloOff

Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Kilo Off! Time to revive your long-forgotten New Year’s resolution—this weight loss brand from France will get your slimming plans back on track. The “New Year, New You” mantra that you’ve long jolted might just come true this year, if weight loss is on top …
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Health & Fitness | Daily Yoga App

From time to time I see to it that I will engage in activities that will help me burn calories. I admit that I haven’t changed the way I eat but I exert an effort to sweat. Recently, I tried Crossfit {read my article on Sister Secrets Blog here} and I really liked …
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Crossfit Insurrecto CF 101 Classes

How is everyone doing? My schedule is hectic lately and I cannot post since I still have a lot of photos to update. What also kept me busy this past few weeks was my Crossfit 101 sessions at Crossfit Insurrecto in Quezon City. I was assigned to do  a write-up …