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Dress Ideas for Weddings

For most weddings, I attended my dilemma is to find the best dress according to its theme. I tell you brides have different tastes and sometimes I end up running around the stores trying to find the color and style they want the guests to wear. Good thing when I …
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Monday — I am early at work (again) because we anticipated the back to school traffic in the metro. I was dizzy because my seatmate smells like breaded pork chop and the AC is not conditioning the air inside the van at all. Anyway, I am here to show you …
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Bare Skin Waxing Studio

I was never a Brazilian Virginia ever since I saw Jennifer Anniston in the movie ‘The Breakup’ I searched a waxing salon here in the Philippines. I’ve only tried Laybare and I keep on coming back to them but because of the blog I want to show you different places, …