Week 12: 11 things I tried to get pregnant

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I never thought I would be writing this, but I want to share with you what I did over the past year to prepare myself to conceive. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical health professional, so please talk to your doctor before trying anything. 

Stop Birth Control Pills

When I was diagnosed in 2007, I was advised to take OCP to regularize my period. In 2014, I stopped it because it didn’t improve my condition at all. I read that OCP replaces our real hormones, and it confuses our system. When you take OCP, your PMS symptoms become extreme; for me, it was mood swings. 

If you have PCOS, read the book Period Repair Manual by Dr Lara Briden. This book helped me a lot about how to treat my PCOS. 

Reduce Stress

Easier said than done but as much as possible, try to reduce your stress. Stress can trigger other diseases aside from difficulty in conceiving. I did meditation, smudging, yoga, aromatherapy and enjoyed my life. I walked away from the things I cannot control and seek refuge to the things that make me happy – cooking, taking care of the pets and plants, bonding with my husband. 

Positive Energy

Aside from diffusing oils, I also got into Feng Shui. For example, I changed our bedroom by having equal sides of the bed, removing mirror and TV, sleeping on my husband’s right side, and not using our bedroom except for sleeping and intimacy. 

I’ve also placed and wore some symbols like an elephant and butterflies. We added photos of babies in our bedroom as well and some crystals. 

For some days, I would use a singing bowl to cleanse the space and go around with incense. 

We also make sure that our house is always clean. 

Fertility Yoga

My daily yoga app updated to its new version and stumbled upon a lesson called fertility boost. The practice is design to calm the mind, open up the hips, and stimulate the ovaries. It was a total of six exercises, and I choose the set whenever I will do yoga. 

It was not strenuous at all. 

Take Supplements

For the longest time, I am a sucker for supplements. Anything that I learn that is safe and has benefits I will give it a go (except for Glutathione because I get dizzy). 

From the same book, Period Repair Manual, I learned about Magnesium and Zinc. It also suggests taking folic acid and prenatal vitamins if you are trying to conceive, which I did as well. 

It takes at least three months for our body to adapt to the supplements we are taking. I’ve tried so many brands, and it didn’t work at least on a level where I can see it. 

The most effective brand for me was Usana; health distributors suggest what supplements to take when trying to conceive. I took the following – Cellsentials, Biomega, Coquinone Q-10, Proflavanol-C, and Magnecal D. 

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Your partner needs to take it too as he needs to have a healthy sperm as well. 

Supplements are on the expensive side, roughly PHP 15,000 per month. If you need to compare prices, check other medical procedure for conceiving like IVF. 

It took us six months to see the result. Don’t forget to get sunlight and drink lots of fluids. 

Eat Right

Some experts would say not to rely too much on supplements to get the nutrients we need. We should right, since I do not have much time to cook a healthy meal, I made some adjustments with our food choices. If we can skip the meat and eat veggies, we will do it. We also replaced white rice with red rice or complex carbs. 

As much as possible, eat sweets and junk food in moderation or altogether avoid it. 


No brainer in here our body renews and restores when we sleep. According to my doctor, we should be sleeping between 10 PM – 2 AM; if we need to stay up late, it is better to wake up earlier like 4 AM to do some stuff. 

If you can take naps and rest in between that will be better as well. 

Visit your dentist

Another tip from Dr Lara Briden, her book says that get your tooth fixed as you need a healthy set of teeth when you are pregnant. Also, you can get any extraction as anesthesia is not safe when you are expecting. 

It will also prepare you to possible bleeding gums once you are pregnant. 

Track your period

Most of us will count to default by 28 days, but our bodies are different. A cycle could be anything between 21 – 35 days. Mine was 40 days at some point, and I will never figure it out until I tracked it.

An app was useful for me to track periods and log daily symptoms. Most apps will let you choose whether you are trying to conceive or preventing it. 

By tracking your period and symptoms, you will be able to see your most fertile date to conceive. It was surprisingly effective. 

Enjoy the intimate moments.

This is something I heard from other women who were trying to conceive. When we are pressured to have sex to have a baby, we do not enjoy the moment because we overthink. 

Despite the frustrations of nothing getting two lines in the next PT you will do, enjoy every intimate moment you will have with your partner. It’s one of the most beautiful bonding. 

Talk to a health professional. 

For me, you need to get along with your doctor. Many times I failed to follow instructions when doctors are rude or judgemental. Seeking health attention is something personal, and I believe that a comfortable relationship with your doctor will help you throughout the journey. 

I remember one doctor said that I might have cancer already for missing my period. Others judged me for missing my visits because I do not want a child. 

It’s a sad reality, but once you find the doctor who will take care of you, it will lift all the thoughts you have. 


Not all the things I listed above will work for everyone else. Listen to your body, get support from family, and find the best healthcare provider. 

I also believe that a child is a blessing, and it comes your way once you are ready to receive it. 

Cast your worries now, and your little bundle of joy will arrive soon. 

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