Month: October 2016

Beauty & Style

6 Ways to Change an Outfit with Accessories

Few people have the time or the money to be able to wear something different every day.  We all like to be fashionable, but sometimes we get bored with our wardrobe choices. Using accessories is a way to make the same old clothing into new looking outfits. Here are a …
Health & Fitness

What I Know About Massage

After netball practice, I booked a relaxing massage because I was feeling really sore in my legs. After talking with the therapist, I realized a deep-tissue massage was what I needed. During our session, I learned about the different types of massages and wanted to share some of what I …
Food & Places

First time to try AIRBNB

My last early event went nuts when my team arrived late at the venue. Of course, you cannot blame the lack of sleep and heavy traffic because you’re the one who needs to adjust. So for the next event, we decided to book a place to stay so we won’t …