Month: October 2018

Family, Life, & Marriage

Taiwan Roundabout + Vlog

Hello, Taiwan!  It took me a month to finish this post. The truth is I managed to finalise the video in three hours, can you imagine that? The backstory It was August this year when the husband found a cheap flight going to Taiwan, it was PHP 2,499 per person …
Family, Life, & Marriage

What’s up, Sam?

My Evernote is full of checklists for topics I want to write, but here I am trying to make all posts perfect when I should just be writing. My last post was about the travel journal which I didn’t use by the way because it is too pretty to write …
Health & Fitness

5 ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

Mental health is something that people have been hearing a lot about in recent years. Unfortunately, it is due to a large increase in mental health issues, which more people have reported have affected their daily lives and overall happiness. Luckily, there is a small but crucial silver lining that …