Month: December 2018

Family, Life, & Marriage

My 2018 Roundabout

As human success is divided into three (as I learned from my friend Josh) - (1) Your destiny (2) The Earth's energy and (3) your will and actions; I am pretty sure that all of us somewhere in our timeline, we will find this success.
Family, Life, & Marriage

Why I still blog?

Blogging is therapeutic I started this blog in 2009 at a different domain, my first job was not that demanding during its first few months on the fiscal year, so this was born. Nine years later, I still maintain it — blog renewal, hosting, premium subscription.¬†Pikit mata gastos! I told …
Family, Life, & Marriage

Run for reading 2018 #McdoStripesRun

I have always wanted to be a triathlete, but I do not know how to swim and ride a bike. Although I am okay doing crossfit and other types of exercise, I grew up with asthma so it was really challenging to be physically active.¬† Anyway, today was a first …