Month: March 2019

Beauty & Style

How to Prevent Hair Damage When You Need to Style

Maintaining good hair health can be difficult when you have a job that requires you to rock a certain style, or when you enjoy experimenting with different looks. But constantly styling your hair with tools and products, as well as colouring and tightly tying your hair every day often leads …
PCOS Story

PCOS and Puppies

Our Belgian Malinois gave birth to eight beautiful puppies last month. Unfortunately, one died, they say it is called the fading puppy syndrome. Because of my fascination with the puppies I visited home more often. Thank goodness to my flexible work, I can be anywhere. I finally updated my period …
Beauty & Style

4 Luxury Fashion Pieces Worth Investing in

Designer wares often get a bad rep for being overpriced and underwhelming. While this may be the case for your average logo tee or dad cap, there are a number of higher-end pieces that do make a worthwhile investment – whether it’s for their potential resale value or simply the …