2021 Bio-enzyme Application Explorer Summit held in Chengdu


The event focuses on innovation and development of biochemical pharmaceuticals

CHENGDU, China, Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The biochemical pharmaceutical industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges with the changing economic and policy environment in China and abroad. On October 15, the first Bio-enzyme Application Explorer Summit was held in Chengdu under the theme of “Dare to Dream, Dare to Take on Responsibilities”. The summit was organized by Sichuan Deebiotech Co., Ltd., a global expert in bio-enzyme production and R&D, with the aim of promoting the innovative development of the biochemical pharmaceutical industry. 

Summit dialogue sessions at the first Bio-enzyme Application Explorer Summit
Summit dialogue sessions at the first Bio-enzyme Application Explorer Summit

The summit was attended by a number of big names, including Wei Yuquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former vice president of Sichuan University; Professor Wang Hongguang, director of the International Center for Bioeconomy at Tsinghua University and a specially-invited expert to the CPPCC National Committee; Professor Yu Rong, director of the Department of Biotechnology and Pharmacology and doctoral supervisor of West China College of Pharmacy, Sichuan University; Dr. Luo Xia, director of the Institute of Mycological Herbs, Sichuan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine; and Dr. Tang Can, graduate student tutor at Chengdu Medical College; as well as representatives from food companies such as Muyuan Foods and Longda Food, bio-enzyme preparation companies such as Livzon Pharm, Shunsheng Pharmaceutical, Livu Pharmaceutical, Tongde Pharmacy and Sichuan Deebiotech, and securities companies in Dongguan Securities, Zheshang Securities, PingAn Securities and Dongxing Securities, to discuss the development plans of the industry.

New opportunities and challenges coexist as the industry moves into a new era

2021 marks the initial year of China’s “14th Five-Year Plan”, which highlights innovation-driven development. The pharmaceutical industry has rolled out five-year plans for various segments, which, coupled with the implementation of new medicine policies and environmental protection policies, is bringing the pharmaceutical industry a new wave of opportunities for industrial transformation and upgrading.

The biochemical pharmaceutical sector, as a branch of the biopharmaceutical industry, started in China in the 1970s. It is a booming and growing force in China’s pharmaceutical industry, and has become one of the three major pharmaceutical industries in China.

“Enzyme preparations is also an important part of biologics,” said Wei Yuquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former vice president of Sichuan Universit. “There are more than two thousand kinds of enzymes in our body. They are really a great machine. Therefore, developing enzymes as a drug is very promising.”

However, when compared with foreign countries, China’s biochemical pharmaceutical and enzyme preparation industries started late and have a weak foundation. In addition, the industries suffer from insufficient investment in R&D, low product application and development capabilities, inadequate technical innovation capabilities, and the need to upgrade product quality, which seriously restricts the biochemical industry to seize the development opportunities in the new era.

“The bio-enzyme community in China in our country is not broad-minded enough compared with foreign countries, in terms of both product quality and the development of varieties,” said Dr. Tang Can, graduate student tutor at Chengdu Medical College. “Some countries have produced many products we dare not imagine. Therefore, there may be a certain gap between China and foreign countries in terms of development speed and quality of bio-enzymes.”

Effectively promote industrial transformation and upgrading by setting up an alliance and a fund

For this reason, the first Bio-enzyme Application Explorer Summit organized by Sichuan Deebiotech is of great significance to driving the development of the biochemical pharmaceutical industry.

On the one hand, the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals is not only related to the survival of patients and pharmaceutical companies, but also to the rise and fall of the drug industry. Ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals requires the concerted efforts of the entire industry. Therefore, Sichuan Deebiotech, joining hands with Muyuan Foods, Longda Food in Liaocheng, Livzon Pharm in Shanghai, Shunsheng Pharmaceutical in Sichuan, Tongde Pharmacy in Chengdu and Livu Pharmaceutical in Henan, set up the “Bio-enzyme Industry Chain Quality and Safety Alliance”. Upstream, midstream and downstream players in the entire industry chain all have sworn to work together and do their best to protect patients’ medication safety from the perspectives of raw materials and manufacturing.

“The original purpose of setting up the Quality and Safety Alliance is to ensure and improve the quality of pharmaceuticals and ensure the safe use of pharmaceuticals by patients,” said Zhang Ge, chairman of Sichuan Deebiotech. “Next, the Alliance plans to do four things. Firstly, it will set a quality benchmark, which will let everyone knows what is good; secondly, we will develop a quality convention which we will all comply with, to strengthen self-discipline within industry; thirdly, we still hope to expand the Alliance, to enhance the communication between member companies; and fourthly, we hope that the Alliance members could act as industry representatives to make some achievements.”

On the other hand, Sichuan Deebiotech set up the “Bio-enzyme Innovation and Application R&D Fund” with a start-up capital of 10 million yuan, in an effort to promote the development of the biochemical pharmaceutical industry in China, improve technologies and cultivate innovation talents in the biochemical industry. Outstanding scientific researchers and R&D teams targeting the development of biological enzyme products and product improvement and innovation are eligible to apply for the fund. This fund aims to encourage companies, universities and research institutes to engage in innovative research and development of biochemical products and technologies, thereby comprehensively enhancing the independent innovation capability of Chinese biochemical enterprises and their core competitiveness in the international arena.

Gathering wisdom to build a new future led by leading enterprises

The transformation and development of the industry needs not only the leadership from leading companies, but also the support and cooperation of the entire industry chain.

The organizer of the summit, Sichuan Deebiotech, is a leading company in the global bio-enzymes sector and the largest pancreatin supplier in the global market, with a market share of more than 30% in both pepsin and trypsin-chymotrypsin markets. It is the only supplier of elastase, clear solution pepsin and high-lipase pancreatin in China. The company has passed the GMP certifications in EU and China since 2005, and has the production technologies for high-activity, high-purity and high-stability bio-enzymes. Its products have been exported to Europe, the US, Japan and Korea for more than 20 years and marketed in 30 countries and regions worldwide.

As a veteran who has been working in the bio-enzyme industry for nearly 30 years, Zhang Ge, chairman of Sichuan Deebiotech, understands the close ties between industry development and industry-university-research cooperation. “The work we have done on the application and development of medicinal bio-enzymes is far from enough, especially for the naturally derived ones,” Zhang said. “Therefore, opening a broader  space for the application of pharmaceutical bio-enzymes is the key to the development of bio-enzymes enterprises. We are committed to practicing the industrial concept of unity of knowledge and action, and to creating a platform for the whole industry of bio-enzymes in order to develop a broader space for applications of bio-enzymes. The such a platform, industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs can exchange ideas, discuss topics and cooperate to jointly promote the innovative development and application of bio-enzymes.”

On the day of the summit, Deebiotech (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. was successfully completed, in order to further realize industry-university-research cooperation and the transformation of research results for expanding the applications of bio-enzymes. The firm serves as an open window and development center for Deebiotech, with a core focus on promoting the implementation of applied research and development of bio-enzymes. Going ahead, Deebiotech (Chengdu) will bring together more excellent R&D professionals and teams from China and abroad to jointly support the biologics industry in China to seize opportunities and address challenges, and create a better future for the industry. 

The Bio-enzyme Application Explorer Summit is not only a great event for industry pioneers and builders, but also a milestone event for Deebiotech to continue its in-depth expansion in the field of bio-enzymes. “As a pharmaceutical company, we have a bigger dream, that is, we hope to let bio-enzymes play their important role to benefit human beings, and I believe that this is also the dream of the whole bio-enzyme industry,” said Zhang.

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