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About 40% of plastic waste came from online shopping packaging, and it is alarming. I am sure that it grew significantly during the pandemic. 

But what can we do? We cannot go out for months to get our goods, and we relied solely on eCommerce. 

I am guilty of my package pouches and bubble wraps. As much as possible, we reuse them, but they can also be clutter for our home. 

As a conscious effort, last 11.11 shopping sale, I scored more to transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Here are some of the items that you can also get. 

Reusable cotton pads

reusable cotton pads
10 pcs Php 210 on sale Php 195

Disposable cotton is no longer sustainable; the more demand we have, the more supply will need to lead to products’ unethical production. 

If you are using cotton for toners and other skincare routines, you might as well switch to a reusable one. They are made of cotton too but can be washed as use again and again. 

It is durable, absorbent, and gentle on the skin. It is made with cotton french terry and cotton flannel. 

Tip: Clean it with warm soapy water and air dry it. 

Washable Panty Liners

reusable panty Liner
Php 90 on sale Php 70 each

Since I have a menstrual cup and I am pregnant, I got these reusable panty liners. I am a heavy user of liners (40 liners per month), and it made me guilty that I just used it once. 

Single used panty liners are disgusting to reuse and not hygienic at all. With washable panty liners or menstrual pads, you are helping our planet. It is soft and gentle to the skin; it stops exposure to the chemical by-products and GMOs. 

Silicone Ear Cleaning Swab

reusable cotton buds
Php 185 on sale Php 135

Another cotton product that we throw after single-use is Q-tips/cotton buds. The plastic in it fills our landfills and takes years or forever to decompose. 

The product is made from soft silicone and delicate to use. The product can remove dirt effectively and can be easily cleaned. 

It comes in two kinds, the dotted one for the ears and the Q-Tip for makeup purposes. 

The packaging is light and portable, too, perfect for travel. 

Soap Saver Pouch Holder

soap saver pouch
Php 80

I first learned about this from Snail Whip Soap, I liked the idea of making a lather out of the pouch, and the product will last longer. It was made of synthetic material, which I didn’t like, but I have reused that pouch about three times before letting it go. 

I have a love-hate relationship with bar soaps, especially if I have to share it (skin disease, lol). 

When I saw that this pouch is made of jute, I know that is eco-friendly. This pouch not only saves your soap but become an instant body scrub to remove dirt and dead skin cells thoroughly

Since I use organic soaps, it does its job of saving the soap until it dissolves. 

Ecomint Prebiotic Powder

eco friendly toothpaste
Php 115

The same issue with toothpaste its packaging contributes to our waste. With toothpaste tablets or powder, you get the best of both worlds. The packaging is eco-friendly at the same time; the product is organic. 

They contain no paraben, sulfate, and fluoride. The product is formulated with Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide that encourages the growth of good bacteria. It has zinc and calcium to protect you from tartar build-up. 

The transition from tube toothpaste is easy as it has a pleasant minty taste, and it still gives you the foam that you get from commercial toothpaste. 

To use: Scoop using a DRY toothbrush and brush as usual. 

I have to switch because one of my pregnancy aversions is toothpaste. I am glad I made a switch. 

Why choose eco-friendly products?

You help the environment with these small changes you make. If more people are mindful of their lifestyle, our waste will reduce drastically. 

Switching may be expensive now, but you can save money in the long run because you no longer buy those single-use products. 

It is satisfying knowing that you slowly create a change for the future generation. 

The products mentioned above are from BYO Store PH @czelistrendshop. I tend to buy in one store to save shipping costs. This entry is not a sponsored post. 

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