How to Remove the Background from Any Image

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Do you have a great photo or picture where everything in it is truly perfect – except for the background? It is understandably infuriating if that’s the case, seeing as the background is one of the most important aspects of any image. But what if you were able to remove the background entirely and replace it with something completely different and more suitable?

Frankly speaking, this is useful in other situations too, but conventionally actually removing the background from an image is extremely difficult to do. Not only does it need special software, but it also tends to be highly technical. Fortunately, that is not the case if you use the Movavi Photo Editor as a background remover.

Because the Movavi Photo Editor is so user-friendly, all you need to do to remove the background of any image is:

  1. Add the image to the software by clicking ‘Browse for Images’ and selecting it.
  2. Open the ‘Background Removal’ tab on the right and find the green ‘Foreground Brush’ and the red ‘Background Brush’.
  3. Both these brushes can be used to select either the foreground or background . Depending on how easy you feel it would be to paint over either, choose the one that you think would be most and paint over the area in question.
  4. Click the ‘Cut Out’ tool when you’re done marking either the foreground or background, and the background will be removed.
  5. If you would like to use another reputation as the background, click the ‘Image File’ button and select the corresponding image.
  6. Save the edited image when you’re done.

Sounds easy enough don’t you think? Honestly, it doesn’t get any simpler to remove the background from any image, though it must be said that the results you’re able to get will depend on how accurately you’re able to mark out the foreground or background.

Try it out for yourself and you’ll see that the process really isn’t that complicated and if you are willing to work with the brush tools for a bit you’ll be able to paint out the area that you need without any issues. Not only will this extend your range of options when you next edit an reputation, but it will give you the ability to completely alter the look of your image as and when you must.

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