6 Ways to Change an Outfit with Accessories

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Few people have the time or the money to be able to wear something different every day.  We all like to be fashionable, but sometimes we get bored with our wardrobe choices. Using accessories is a way to make the same old clothing into new looking outfits. Here are a few ways to can freshen up your look.


Hats can be fun. They can be classy and classic or whimsical and playful. A hat can make an outfit into a persona. A baseball cap can make you look sporty or a fedora can make you look mysterious. Try going out with a few friends to try on hats. It is good for laughs and you will find a few that look surprisingly good on you and should be added to your wardrobe.

Long Earrings

Use long earrings to show off your neck and shoulders. Wear your hair back or up, to draw the eyes to the long lines of your neck. These go great with bare shoulders and scoop neck shirts and dresses.


Use a belt to break up the lines of a solid color shirt or dress. Wide belts can also be used to show off your curves and make your waist look smaller.


Try a whimsical use of shoes, by wearing unexpected shoe choices. For example, you could wear tennis shoes with a dress or wear spiked heel pumps with a pair of jeans.  Draw attention to yourself by defying expectations.


The simpler the shirt or dress, the bolder you can go with bracelets.  Bold and busy outfits should have a simple, modest bracelets. But if you wear a solid color, you can wear large and creative pieces or rows of thin bangles. Consider matched sets with a necklace for a polished look.


Scarves are for a lot more than for when your neck is cold. You can dress up or stylize an outfit with a scarf. You can find them in earthy knits and outdoorsy styles, all the way to fine silk scarves that can make you look like royalty. You can find a nice selection of scarves at Banana Republic. A simple Google search will show you dozens of techniques for tying them for unique looks.

Be creative and you may even discover a few accessories that will become part of your own signature style.


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