8 Productive Activities to do at Home while on Lockdown

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I get you staying at home for the next few weeks (or longer) will drive you insane. The first few days will be okay, but as the day goes by and we ran out of things to do. 

Even watching the news and endless scrolling, social media can do no good on our mental health. While some consider this as a break or some as a regular day because they transitioned working from home. There are a lot of things you can do to (at least) be productive. 

Update your resume

Unfortunately, some members of the workforce were laid off, and because of the pandemic, it’s hard to find a new job. I know it’s depressing, but you can use the time to update your resume. 

By the time this is over, you can send them to possible employers. 


  • Refresh the layout. Make it stand out among the others. 
  • Add a summary. The work objective is too old school. 
  • If you have five years plus experience, let go of the other educational background and retain the highest attainment. 
  • Replace your work duties and responsibilities with your work accomplishments.  

Update your Linkedin Profile

When it comes to professional networking, Linkedin is the best way to go. They keep on improving their algorithm for you to find new connections across the globe. From learning, opinions, jobs, and mentors – you can have it. 

Give Facebook and Instagram a rest and give Linkedin a try.  


  • If you are looking for a job and a new user, take advantage of the 30-day premium trial. It’ll give you more features for learning and searching for new jobs. 
  • Build your personal brand. If you have always been passionate about sharing your expertise, you can use Linkedin Pulse to publish your articles. 
  • Change your public URL. 
  • Update your headline with what you want to offer. 
  • Update your photo. Don’t use your selfies or bikini photos here. 
  • Update your employment history. 
  • Download your QR code and paste it on your resume. 
  • Follow hashtags. 
  • Interact with people and connect with them 

Learn a new skill

While we were at work, we tend not to set aside time for upskilling. Now that we have more time, you can take advantage of free courses for a new skill you want to learn. You can study photo editing, video editing, producing a podcast, blogging, web designing, writing, SEO, and big data. 

There’s a lot of in-demand skills out there that you can learn while at home. From online school to community groups, a lot of experts are paying it forward to teach other people. 

Some courses are paid, but they have certificates to use as credentials. 


  • Entrepreneur 
  • CM Digital 
  • Teachable 
  • Share Skill
  • Masterclass
  • Linkedin Learning

Read a book

If you were a book hoarder – ebooks or hard copy (I’m guilty) now is the time to finish them. I love reading self-help and business books, but I like to switch it up with mysteries and romance. 

Reading books will exercise your mind and rest up the eyes of the blue lights from your gadget. 


  • Read at least 1-2 chapters per day
  • Use a post-it to remember insights
  • Have a notebook with you to absorb learning
  • Have one book on your bedside table 

Start a journal

If you haven’t had one, now is the time to do it. You can begin by just noting your day or listing down what are the things you are thankful for. 


  • Write first thing in the morning. This will give you a positive outlook throughout the day. 
  • Use colorful pens and highlighters. 
  • Doodle away to add fun in your pages
  • Get inspiration online

Learn a new dish

I read somewhere in my feed that after this lockdown, we will come out as chefs or dancers because of Tiktok. And because there is a limited supply of food, it’s time to unleash your kitchen prowess.

You can start with Filipino dishes you’ve been dying to eat or a pasta dish. 


  • Use this time to bond with your husband, parents, or kids
  • Search online for recipes
  • Do batch cooking to save time
  • Practice plating 
  • Make conscious choices to at least eat healthier


The internet and Marie Kondo can never stress this enough. It’s time to visit your closet and say goodbye to clothes that don’t fit you anymore. This includes shoes, and gowns, and even Halloween costumes.

After your closet, go to your side drawers, then your dresser, then your kitchen, then the bathroom, and the living room. 


  • Box your clothes for donation
  • Segregate anything you can give away for recycling
  • Sell oldie but goodie items or participate in a garage sale after the lockdown

Develop a self-care routine

It takes 21 days to develop a habit, and this is the best time to allocate at least an hour for yourself. I’ve written this before and said it in my speaking engagement – having a self-care routine changes the game of your entire life. 

You become more positive, your mind is clear, and you are not stressed out. From the Miracle Mornings book I’ve read, the author said to wake up earlier than usual. Since you don’t travel for work, you can use your travel time for your me-time. 

You can download an app to assist you or use a whiteboard marker to write the routine in your mirror. 


  • Start with a prayer or devotion (5 mins)
  • Write on your gratitude journal (10 mins)
  • Say your affirmations (5 mins)
  • Do some stretching or meditation or yoga. If you’re into it, a 7-minute HIIT will do wonders. (15 mins)
  • Eat your breakfast (30 mins)
  • Review or write your to-do list (10 mins)

Since we said at least an hour, you can choose 1-3 items first to begin. Choose activities that will boost your energy. 

Are you excited? 

I hope these tips will help you alleviate the boredom and you’ll be productive while we stay at home. 

No one knows until when is this, but for the time being, follow the rules, stay at home, be vigilant, be productive. 

Let’s be our refreshed selves once it is lifted. 

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