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I am ecstatic to share my experience about the first bloggers meet up I attended last Friday and what convinced me to go under time for work? It’s about coffee. You know I am an avid fan of coffee; I have tried out coffee shops now and then. Plus my boss taught me how to enjoy it black every after meal.

But this post is not about me. Aside from my experience I would also like to share my learning about our homegrown coffee shop. You read it right, homegrown. I know we were used to internationally known shops that offer variety of coffees. But we didn’t know that we have people who come up with their own name even before other players came in.

Actually this is just my second time to visit the shop. My first time was when I was feeling so cold and I know I needed a coffee. I am talking about Bo’s Coffee.

Humble Beginnings

Bo’s Coffee started way back in 1996 in a six table kiosk in Cebu. The store name came from the owner’s mentor who taught him everything about coffee (I thought it was owned by a religious figure, LOL). It started as a family business and eventually nurtured to be a successful corporation.

One thing that caught my attention was their undertaking when it comes to delivering good coffee. They value freshness; they strictly follow standards to make the coffee taste just right – not too bitter and not too bland. They served the coffee with conviction that the beans are “Just Roasted”.

I was also amazed to know that their founder is still hands-on with their product development. Did I mention that they get their coffee beans here? They support local our farmers, they get their Arabica beans up north (Sagada, Benguet, Mt. Province, and the like); and Robusta from the South (Batangas and Cavite).

They have developed a mutual relationship with the farmers so that they can pass the beverage to us in a reasonable cost.

Let’s go to Products

Here’s their featured beverage for the summer – Biscotti Amaretto.

Biscotti Amaretto and Super moist chocolate cake.

If you are experimental when it comes to blended coffee drinks this is a must try. You will taste… (Let my taste buds do the reminiscing) 75% coffee, a cherry flavor coming from the Amaretto (it’s non alcoholic mind you), and the nutty taste of Biscotti.

They have featured beverages (try their white chocolate and the Oreo blended drinks) during special occasions like Valentine’s and Christmas.

But coffee shops just don’t sell coffee right? Of course we want to have pambara or pastries (try their moist chocolate cakes and cheesecakes) and sandwiches. Bo’s Coffee has their own commissary and like the “Just Roasted” that comes along with the coffee the pastries are served with “Just Baked”. How cool is that?

Some stores have kitchen and they serve breakfast (pancakes and sandwiches) and even pastas. They have pandesal too, very local indeed.

Stores and their growth

They have 56 stores nationwide; 17 in Metro Manila and 2 outside Metro Manila (Sta. Rosa, Laguna and Tagaytay).

They recently opened their 56th store in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. If you guys have been in Nuvali the place is very cozy – combination of the city living and nature. You will definitely enjoy the breeze while sipping a good cup of brewed coffee.

If I was listening intently, the Nuvali branch was different from the other stores when it comes to interior. They have this mixed art mural visualizing landmarks and they incorporated colors already.

They are celebrating their 16th year in the business. Congratulations!

And just like my favorite line when it comes to coffee….

If all commercial shops are crowded, try something new, try Bo’s.

<3 Sammy

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