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My Lasema Spa Experience


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I have visited the New Lasema Spa in June twice. One with the hubby for his birthday and one with my blog buddy Eyah. I only saw Korean spa in the TV series and it was just around May when I discovered we have one in the Philippines.

I literally do not have any idea what to do in a Korean Spa. All I know is that I want to eat grilled egg and wear the sheep head towel on my head. We did a little research before going in, we watched vlogs and finally scheduled a trip.

My first visit was June 15, the crowd was okay, maybe because it was a long weekend Holiday and everyone was out-of-town. I said this because, on our second visit, it was crowded, not in a bad way but the common area was jam-packed.

What to expect and to prepare

Since we were first timers we do not what to expect. I am saving you the surprised that is why I am listing down what to prepare and to expect when you first visit the place.

  1. Take a cab or book Grab. The only available parking is on the side street, there is no guarantee that there will be a vacant spot for you.
  2. Get the all-in-package. It costs PHP 1100 but the massage is worth it.
  3. Bring a book. Since you can stay up to 12 hours might as well bring a book if you do not want to nap.
  4. Bring a large towel. Although they will give two sets of a microfiber towel, it is small to dry your entire body.
  5. Bring extra underwear. It’s a sauna unless you won’t be wearing any underwear on the PJs they gave then it’s fine. You will be sweating like a pig in there.
  6. Bring extra clothes. If you will eat at Seoul Galbi downstairs before heading to Lasema might as well bring an extra pair of clothes. It’s not inviting to wear your samgyeupsal smoked shirt after a relaxing spa experience.
  7. Bring toiletries. The shower area has shampoo canister but a body wash or a soap won’t occupy your purse.
  8. Get completely naked. If you have not been to a spa where it is required to take everything off then this will be your first time. It is not awkward at all don’t worry but if you are not used to you may skip the hot pools and shower (which I do not recommend).
  9. Enjoy the Korean snacks. They have ramen, rice cake, fish cake, grilled egg, and kimbap. You can snack as soon as you arrive or after the therapeutic massage session.
  10. Relax and enjoy the experience. You may bring your phones inside but it is not allowed to use in the locker room. Even so, take a few clicks to capture the beauty of the place then immerse in complete relaxation.

What you should try

2F Lasema Spa

I suggest trying everything in Lasema Spa. They have the following rooms with health benefits you will enjoy.

  1. Far Infrared Room – activate senescence cells to promote waste products and extra lipid excretion, promote fatigue and aging, Fatty acid ester, cholesterol, excess salt, and uric acid to support health and youth.
  2. Oxygen Room
  3. Himalayan Salt and Oak Charcoal – It helps with atopy and improves the dull and rough skin. It helps digestion and cleanses the blood. Helps in the secretion and excretion of hormones in the body.
  4. Ochre and Pine Tree – The efficacy relieves stress, strengthens the intestines and cardiopulmonary functions, and acts as a sterilizer. Anti-aging Detoxification effect and relieves stress.
  5. Yellow Soil with Amethyst – is a natural stone rich in natural vigor and is toxic and has a special effect on skin diseases and trauma treatment.
  6. Ochre Hot Kiln (the hottest) – It is excellent in detoxification, absorption, and self-purifying.
  7. Ice Room – If you enter the iced-room in a state of you high temperature by the jjimjilbang, it will shrink the pores due to rapid body temperature change, and it will emit carbon dioxide into the muscles.

The new Lasema Spa also has a smoking area, common rooms, sleeping caves, KTV room, a gym, and a play area for the kids. The sleeping area and locker rooms are separated for men and women. They do not tolerate any acts of lasciviousness to respect the place and the other spa-goers.

The best practice for me is to get into the hot pools, then jimjilbang, take a shower, have a massage, have a snack, and nap. The nap at the end is the best part because you ate before. lol

lasema spa steps

This is the place to unwind and escape the city stress. I told my husband that if I’ve gone missing because I am mad at him, he’ll find me in Lasema.



In case you are wondering what is the purpose of the sheep head towel. It prevents the sweat from streaming down your face. I want to visit once a month or hopefully, a Quezon City branch will open in the future.

One more thing, when searching Lasema Spa in Waze, choose the New Lasema Spa.
#8846 Sampaloc st. Cor. Estrella St. San Antonio Village, Makati City




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