A weekend in Tagaytay – Ferris Wheel, Coffee, and Korean Food

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My fever didn’t stop me from going out the house but I regret 10% of it because I became more ill. My fault, I know!

N, V, & M (cool nicknames for my friends huh?) dropped by the house and we drove to Tagaytay. For my international readers out there, Tagaytay is a piece of land from a Volcano, Taal Volcano which is now surrounded by lake and has been inactive for years (but there was a reported activity last year which no longer makes it inactive. As a matter of fact it’s the smallest active volcano in the world, I should have known, ha!).

Going back, without any plans in mind V just kept on driving. We aim for Sky Ranch, an amusement park over looking the famous Taal Lake.

We rode this gigantic Ferris wheel. It’s called the Sky Eye, the tallest in our country.

Ferris Wheel

Taal Lake

Honestly, I find Ferris wheel boring because I don’t have fear in heights. Besides the time spent in the ride is pretty short too. You don’t have anything to do inside the cabin.

After the Ferris wheel, we went to Super Vikings. It’s called Anchors Away in some amusement parks because of its shape. The movement is like a pendulum and if you want thrill you should sit at the ends.

Super Vikings

The ride was mind-blowing. The operator won’t stop the ride until you say so, it’s crazy. At first I thought there is no thrill because I’ve experienced Galatica in Universal Studio, Singapore; that became my meter for rides.


I was totally wrong…

My stomach was left in the air with every sway and the fear of falling off the ride is there.

I screamed and close my eyes.

I felt dizzy and I was really cold when we got off.

That was cool!

We walked to grasp back our senses towards the Korean restaurant nearby.



We ate our fear out. *laughs*

We then went to a coffee shop to end our trip.

You got to love impromptu trips with friends.



Sky Ranch is located at Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Cavite

Entrance Fee P100

Sky Eye P150

Super Viking P100

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