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Wondering why I have been doing while the site is down?

Well I ambushed my mom-in-law’s bead collection and decided to sell it.


I believe she’s into accessory making even before she met me (I am in a relationship with his son for six years already). We got along because we shared the same interest. Last week I decided to post photos on my Facebook Page and sell it to my friends.

We bought chains and beads because I like vintage looking accessories (So if you see Vintage it’s my idea) mom-in-law is into crystals and charms.

Here are the few pieces we made.

 Vintage Necklace For Sale

This one is SOLD but will be available upon request. Most clients order birth stone inspired stone/beads. I am selling this for Php200 but if you are my reader I will give it to you for only Php180 (Just let me know on Facebook).

Refer to the Birthstone color guide below:

January – Garnet (Red)

February – Amethyst (Purple)

March – Aquamarine (Sea blue / Powder Blue / Baby Blue)

April – Diamond (Clear / Silver)

May – Emerald (Green)

June – Pearl

July – Ruby (Deep Red)

August – Peridot (Sea Green / Lime Green) *AVAILABLE with Earrings*

September – Sapphire (Deep Blue / Blue)

October – Opal (Pink / Rose)

November – Topaz (Yellow)

December – Turquoise (Mint Green)

I also have this one.

 Vintage Necklace For Sale

Browse the complete album HERE, if interested.

We also accept bulk orders, like this Rosary or other bracelet that you like. Perfect for giveaways and monito/monita this coming Christmas.

Made to order Rosary for sale

Aside from the made to orders that I am selling, I also bought ready to wear accessories.

Like these bangles (Php100). ALBUM HERE

Bangles for Sale

and statement necklaces (Php150) ALBUM HERE 

Statement Necklace for Sale

I am wondering if I should make a separate domain to sell this lovely accessories and I think I should wear them. hahaha I actually don’t own one of them.

Let me know what you think?

Be my customer. Red heart



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