Adintime: The first self-service ad buying marketplace in Hong Kong


HONG KONG, Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — First launched in France, the Adintime’s service just launched in Hong Kong with a platform dedicated to this market in both Chinese version  ( and English version. (

What’s Adintime’s purpose?

Help thousands of companies advertise in Hong Kong, simplifying the purchasing of advertising media space in the city for both local and international advertisers.

This is the challenge that Adintime wants to take up, by offering advertisers the possibility, within a few clicks, to select an advertising space, asses its rates and specificities and request a quote for it. With a simple and intuitive interface, the platform aims to streamline and ease the process of purchasing advertising space.

Simplify and boost media buying in Hong Kong.

Adintime’s service has been designed to simplify and optimize the purchase of advertising space on traditional media such as press, OOH posters, TV, display or social networks for all advertisers, and more particularly for those who do not have a media agency.

How does it work?

All the advertisers have to do is choose the media which they wish to communicate with and fill in a quote request form. The quote request is sent directly to the media or Adintime’s expert media team, whom will respond and provide a quote with the rates and specifics of the advertising space in question.

What are the benefits for media providers and advertisers?

For advertisers :

This system allows to have easier access to a wide range of advertising possibilites and benefit from optimized pricing conditions.

For media:

It allows to acquire new advertisers, hence grow their sales, and to increase exposure to their advertising offers thanks to the referencing on a platform dedicated to media buying.

About the company

Adintime has been founded in France in 2015 by Erick Gommeaux, previously media director in an international advertising agency.  “Hong Kong advertising market and media buying habits are changing very fast. Adintime is the perfect answer to that change and our team here is very excited to start this journey on such promising market that is Hong Kong” says Erick Gommeaux, CEO of Adintime

Contact details : +852 68964038 or

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