Alternative meat venture Next Meats starts collaboration with IKEA Japan


TOKYO, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tokyo based alternative meat venture Next Meats Co. revealed they will be collaborating with IKEA Japan for IKEA Japan’s Sustainable Food Fair starting May 20th, 2021 in select stores. During the fair, customers can try IKEA’s delicious plant based curry topped with Next Meats’ signature plant-based beef, the NEXT Gyudon.

IKEA's plant based curry with Next Meats' signature NEXT Gyudon on top.
IKEA’s plant based curry with Next Meats’ signature NEXT Gyudon on top.

The NEXT Gyudon is the world’s first plant based substitute of the Japanese ‘beef bowl’, which is a staple dish in the country with many restaurants serving only that. However unlike the common beef bowl, the NEXT Gyudon is made from soy without any artificial additives–and perfectly replicates the texture as well as the addictive sweet and savory flavor of the real thing. This has made the NEXT Gyudon very popular among vegans and meat eaters alike.

IKEA is also well known for their efforts in being environmentally conscious, and their Japan branch is not an exception. From sourcing sustainable materials to reducing plastic waste, IKEA Japan is also on board with the company mission to make at least half of their food menus in the restaurant plant based by 2025. The upcoming collaboration at IKEA Japan’s Sustainable Food Fair is one that reflects both IKEA and Next Meats’ strong stance on introducing consumers to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Next Meats hopes that this collaboration with IKEA Japan will encourage more people to try plant based products and understand the dire connection between animal agriculture and environmental destruction.

IKEA Japan Sustainable Food Fair Information:
Starting: Thursday May 20th – Sunday, July 11th 2021
Locations serving the plant based curry with NEXT Gyudon: IKEA Tokyo Bay, IKEA Kohoku, IKEA Kobe, IKEA Tsuruhama, IKEA Shinmisato, IKEA Fukuoka Shingu, IKEA Tachikawa, IKEA Sendai, IKEA Nagakude

About Next Meats

Based in Tokyo, Next Meats Co. is a food-tech venture company that specializes in the research and development of Japanese-style alternative meat products. Its journey of product development began in 2017, and the company was officially established in 2020.

Within ten months, Next Meats has signed an MOU with Toyota-Tsusho Corporation and is rapidly expanding to the United States, South East Asia, Europe, and other countries. They plan to research various types of alternative proteins in the future and aim to replace all animal meats by 2050.

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