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When I saw this in the September 16 – 30 brochure, I told my mom if she can go to the nearest Avon store and get me one. Since most of my lipsticks are Fuschia I got the red wine hue instead – Matte Merlot.

Avon_Ultra Color Matte_Lipstick_Bullet


My camera is hidden in my office drawer so I brought this lipstick and take a photo of it on my desk. My decor became a nice background and I am thinking to take more photos here. LOL

The packaging is similar to other Ultra Rich/Moisture lipstick. It has a peek window on top so you can see the color of the bullet. The black acrylic casing gave the product an elegant look.

As for the matte formulation, I would say that this is not matte ‘matte’ it leans more towards to a velvety finish lipstick with a minimal shine. It’s very creamy and pigment, it is love at first swipe, as they say.

It is available in six amazing colors. Most of us are afraid to use matte lipstick, especially if our lips are dry, matte lipstick don’t fill in the chapped areas, making our lips look like it was wrecked by a train.

With Avon Ultra Color Matte it is very moisturizing and it glides like a lip balm too. It lasts up to 4 – 6 hours depending on your activity, if you eat greasy food it will easily take off, but if you just smile and eat nothing it will stay longer.

The only downfall I noticed here is that is leaves a dark outline around your lips once it fades. Nevertheless, I will still recommend you gals to get while it is still on its intro price.

It’s hard to get matte lipstick with gorgeous color pay off these days.

TIP: Use a lip liner and a lip brush. The bullet is too big to be applied directly on the lips.

Avon_Ultra Color Matte_face swatch


So here’s me using ONLY the lipstick. Dark colored lipsticks are my escape for my lazy face routine. It gives real color to my dull look.

Close up swatch:

Avon_Ultra Color Matte_lip swatch

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