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There are things that can be done at home BUT still better if you get professional help; things I learned whenever I wax myself.

The only thing I wax at home now is my upper lip, I find going to waxing salon to have that service alone is a waste of time. Besides my doctor advised me not to get Brazilian wax anymore. Crying face The hair in every part of our body is important that why they are there. Everything else, I pluck and/or shave. I do not have much of a hair to begin with.

Review: The box has 36 pieces of wax strips. The cold wax (green) is between two wax sheets and you need to warm them up between your hands before using it. The instructions, precaution, and proper usage is found on the box. This around Php200+ from PCX affordable compare to Sally Hansen and Veet strip waxes.

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However unlike the Glamworks wax strip this Beauty Formula does not contain a residue remover – a paper with oil used to remove wax trails on the skin.

I find the strip narrow to accommodate the hair you are trying to get. The sheet space is wider and you need to cut them off to get the desired shape. It could be sticky and annoying if not handled properly.


To show how it works I used on my armpit. Apparently it will only get the hair in the same direction. For the upper lip one strip is enough.

If you are planning to wax your legs get the longer strip. This cannot be use on other parts of the body as stated on the box. You cannot use it on your breast and especially on your genital area.

I like this wax only for my face.

It is very inconvenient if you will wax alone because you may not have enough courage to pull the strip because it is painful – really painful. You know when you did not pull it quickly?

You will find waxing salon calming because you can get a grip on the bed side and the wax attendant will help you.

Things to expect when waxing:

  1. Your skin will become red.
  2. For some, pores will bleed.
  3. If you have low tolerance for pain, MAN this is painful.


Things to remember when waxing:

  1. Take a pain reliever pill before the session.
  2. Never ever wet the wax area between to 4 – 24 hours. Waxing Salon have guidance go follow it.
  3. If you are pregnant you may need a medical certificate.
  4. Apply a soothing lotion.
  5. Breathe and calm down.


Will I still wax alone? Yes – upper lips and legs. I will leave my legs and the Brazilian procedure to my favorite waxing salon.

Happy Friday!

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