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Mascaras are one of the makeup products that I really love. If their shelf life is longer I am sure I will have a lot of them in my collection. I try to use one mascara at a time, but on some occasions I cannot resist having two to three tubes.

I heard a lot of raves on this mascara, it promises to coat your lashes as if you are born with it. Out of curiosity, I got myself one.

Benefit theyre real mascaraI love the box because it is jam-packed with information and the graphics are attractive. I get to have the travel size of the mascara upon purchased.

Benefit Beyond Mascara

Benefit MascaraThe tube is exquisitely elegant – shiny and contoured.

Benefit Theyre RealThe wand is a silicone wand.

Likes: The formulation is amazing. No funny smell or anything. It doesn’t give you spider lashes. It dries so fast. Instant oomph to any lashes, even the thinnest and shortest lashes.

Dislikes: It’s a bit pricey. I wouldn’t recommend this to girls who are on a budget (students). I would say this is a luxury mascara. On occasion it becomes rubbery.

Pasig City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 3/5/15
Pasig City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 3/5/15

Pasig City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 3/5/15


Tips: Always use a makeup remover when removing this mascara. It stays longer than 24 hours if not removed properly.

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