How to Best Track Your Weight Loss Progress

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Setting off on a weight loss journey is no simple task. For most people, the road tends to be long and bumpy at times, requiring plenty of motivation on your part to keep going. One of the biggest motivators is to know you’re getting results. This helps to push you forward and keep up with all your efforts. With that in mind, it can be extremely helpful to track your progress in your weight loss journey as you go. It will act as a motivator and help you identify when you need to make adjustments and let you know when you’re doing well.

So, what is the best way to track your progress? Here are some techniques and tips you can use.

Take Your Starting Measurements and Stats

Before you start tracking progress, it’s important you record all your starting statistics. This means your weight, measurements, and body fat. Body fat can be measured using a body fat scale. It goes further than just a general reading of your weight; it lets you know how much of your body weight is made up of fat. The popular site covers all the basics when picking the right body fat scale, so you can find the perfect device for your needs.

Use a Tracking App

Now that you’ve got all your measurements and statistics it’s time to store them somewhere safe, where you can refer to them. Today, you can find all kinds of fitness and weight tracking apps that are free to use and feature all kinds of helpful tools. Once you enter your starting numbers, then you can update on a regular basis with your latest statistics. These apps will then track your progress, often providing you with charts, graphs, and tips.

Use the Stats to Your Benefit

As you start to see trends forming, this is when you want to look at them and decide if there are areas where you can make improvements. Perhaps you need to change-up the amount of exercise you are doing, the type of exercise you are doing, the foods you are eating, how much water you are drinking, etc. Without a record of your progress, it’s usually impossible to find areas that could use tweaking.

Start a Journal

It can also be helpful to start a journal of your feelings and what you’re going through mentally during your weight loss journey. There is no question you will have days where it just feels tough to get out there, do your exercise routine, watch what you eat, and make healthy decisions. Being able to jot your feelings down can help you to deal with them better.

Success is Just Around the Corner

By tracking your progress, you will be motivating yourself to keep going. You will be watching as you get closer and closer to your goal, and enjoying the massive celebration at the end of your journey. Tracking your progress is both helpful and rewarding.

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