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If you are following my personal blog, I posted about Blogapalooza 2014 Event. It was originally scheduled last September 20, 2014 but because of Typhoon Mario, it was re-scheduled for October 11. This is my second time to attend the event, I always want to write for and up until now I cannot compose my pitch article. *laughs* So instead I submitted my URL to attend the said event.


Unlike last year, I was alone this time. I arrived around 5 pm even the event started around 11 am. Being a Sister Secrets PH contributor, I supported and cheered for Karen Bordador, our lady boss.


After her talk I moved around and check out the booths.



I believe the number of exhibitors increased this year and the layout was changed, the placement of the stage is better. Since I focused on DISHY and there were a lot of bloggers lining up for booths, I prioritized brands that can benefit in my blog – beauty, fashion, lifestyle.

Here are the brands that you may watch out for future stories here in DISHY.



Sample Room


Blogapalooza_Sample Room

Blogapalooza_Ace_Water Spa

Blogapalooza_Citrus Balm



This one is interesting…

Blogalooza_Shopping Box


I shall try this out and explain it to you further.

And of course, #ishootwithcanon


There are still other companies present at this event, but I didn’t get a chance to visit them one by one as I spent time with my good friend, Neph, who happens to be one of the sponsors of the event too.


I left around 8pm after having dinner with her.

More photos from IG.




Blogapalooza is truly a great event where brands can reach out to bloggers and have a mutual relationship. You get to expand your network and at the same time meet friends from the industry as well as learn new things.

I look forward to attending future editions of this show.

Happy Weekend everyone!










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