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I am no longer new when it comes to writing blog contents. I am maintaining two blog sites now and so far, so good.

I am working with for this blog and for my beauty blog. I notice their difference and find .com more easy to use, as .org requires more knowledge in web developing.

I was then introduce to website builder and of course as an aspiring blogger I gave it a try.

So I started by signing up and I was given three choices – Free, Small Biz, and Professional.

For the Free category you will have the following:

  • 5 MB Storage
  • Access to core widgets
  • No Facebook Page Tab
  • Personalized Sub Domain

For the Professional Category at P140/month:

  • 50 MB Storage
  • Access to all widgets
  • Custom Facebook Page Tab
  • Use your own custom domain name

For the Small Biz Category at P1,600/year

    • 50 MB Storage
    • Access to all widgets
    • Custom Facebook Page Tab
    • Free Custom domain name


    Above is the screenshot of the Web Page Builder. I chose the blogger template but there are other templates available to choose from. If you want to build a portfolio website, a restaurant, a school, and others. Or you can have a free layout and you can do whatever design you like.

    After choosing the template you will be redirected to the site editing page. You will see on the left the different elements you can add to your page. You can add the following:

    • Text
    • Logo
    • Rectangle
    • Circle
    • Blog Section
    • video
    • Stream
    • Contact Form
    • Sign Up Form
    • PayPal Donation
    • Links
    • Share
    • Facebook Comments
    • Map
    • Custom HTML

    You can edit the background and add pages as you go along. You can also upload your favicon, Google analytics account, and meta date keywords.

    From the site builder page also, you can view your messages, visitors, and customers (if applicable)

    From a point of view of a novice blogger, the design and layout of the site is easily navigated. I can just drag and change the layout and you can see the change immediately.

    You can publish it right away in the world wide web as well as in mobile devices.

    My Parallel Plesk builder has the same specifications and features with and I have the same problem.

    It is the Blog Section. It is easier if you post content remotely, where you do not have to open the site builder to update a post. You don’t manually post excerpt at the homepage too.

    I think it will be better if site builder has content management feature as well. Sometimes it is a headache to be the only one technical person in maintaining a website and you will get crazy seeing all the text frames in the edit page.

    Overall, this is great and can make noise in the hosting industry. I just wish they will offer higher disk space as most of us upload a lot of photos.

    I shall continue navigating my newly built blog and update you guys soon.

    SAMMY x

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