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It is true that it is really hard to get up early and dress up. While I don’t do full makeup for the office everyday dressing ready for any meeting is helpful. I realize that preparing or exerting effort looking presentable reflects your personality. Besides, who do you want to close deal with, the lady in sweatpants or a presentable neat young professional.

Here are the tips you can try:

1. Plan your outfit for the week. Hang them outside your closet so you can see your outfit every day.

2. Wakeup early. This will give you ample time to finally decide whether you are using that outfit or change it. You will also have time to eat breakfast, do your hair, and do a simple makeup.

3. Leave early. Give allowance for travel going to work. When you get to your station before your actual shift you can relax and freshen up.

4. Smile. It’s the best accessory.

Cropped Top: Surplus (P199) || Bottom: grandma || Jessica Jelly Shoes

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