Boracay 2012: Food Trip Part III (D’Talipapa)

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Hooray for the last part of my food escapade in Boracay. I know it’s overdue my day job and the internet is a little demanding. Winking smile

For our last night, we went to D’Talipapa to buy pasalubong and eat dinner as well. The place is an actual market then you will choose from different kitchen to cook for your desired meal.


It’s pretty amazing that fresh fish is available in the market. This one is called Lapu – Lapu. I do not know why it is named after our local hero.

FACT: Lapu-Lapu is the hero who conquered Ferdinand Magellan in Cebu, the period when the Philippines is under the Spanish Colony.


This is called the Parrot Fish or Loro obviously because of the color.

I am proud to say that I know how to buy fresh fish and meat in the market. Party smile

Let’s go to the food we ate.

1. Ensaladang Talong


Mixed of grilled/boiled eggplant, Salted Egg, and Green Mangoes.








2. Grilled Squid


3. Steamed Shrimp


4. Kinilaw na Tanigue


Fresh fish soaked in Vinegar, ginger, garlic, onion, chili (red & green), spring onions. Great for appetizer.





5. Grilled Scallops


6. Sinigang na Isda


I find it hard to explain this dish but it more like a stew but the soup is sour. It’s a very common in the Philippines as comfort food I guess. We used different kinds of vegetables to make the soup sour. The sour the better.




I tell you local food is the best you should try eating here in the Philippines. Travel and good food is the best combination you can experience in your life.

I wanted to travel the world but of course I will tour my own country first and eat.

Until next time,


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