Boracay Come Back Day 2

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My second day was fun filled. We stroll the Boracay sea in a boat while it was raining very hard.

We maneuvered around different islands but since we lacked time we didn’t get off the boat and explore each one.


The clouds were really dark. You can see lightning across the sky and the boat was shaky. I felt like Pi waiting for Richard Parker to come out behind the boat with other animals.

I was not afraid though. All I thought about was having fun with my bosses. We were laughing very hard because we keep on teasing each other.

The rain got harder and we needed to pull over. It was not safe to cross further according to the boat man.

We stopped at the Puka Beach.


I decided to jump off the boat and swim. The rain was like storm but the the waves were calm. The water was warm too.

I felt like a kid screaming while getting under water.


I thank the tech geniuses for making a sports cam – dust proof, shockproof, and waterproof. Great adventures were captured and preserve.

We went back to the shore and continued to swim then went to dinner.

The best things in life are really free.

Better enjoy and savor each moment while you can.

So scream, laugh, and enjoy!

I hope I can come back.


P.S. photos were taken using iPhone will upload more pictures soon.

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