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Bare sKin Waxing Studio

I was never a Brazilian Virginia ever since I saw Jennifer Anniston in the movie ‘The Breakup’ I searched a waxing salon here in the Philippines. I’ve only tried Laybare and I keep on coming back to them but because of the blog I want to show you different places,  so I explored.

Last week I stroll Megamall and I found Bare Skin, it is located at 5th Floor Building A. The space is small and pink. I asked if I will wait to avail a service but luckily I am the only customer during the hour.

Bare Skin Waxing Studio_Megamall

Bare Skin_reception

I availed Brazilian, Upper Lip, and Eyebrow Waxing.

They only have four cubicles with shelves, mirror, dental like chairs.

Bare Skin_Chair


Their space does not have their own restroom so they provided wipes for you to clean up.

So I cleaned up and lie down.

My technician, Dina, suggested to do the face first, and I agreed. We started with the brows unfortunately she over waxed it. I have no choice so I told myself that I will just reshape it.

As for the upper lip, nicely done. Definitely better than threading of course.

By the way they use Depileve, they offer warm and cold wax but at that time they ran out of cold wax. It’s my first time to try warm wax for Brazilian.

My tolerance for pain is really high so no matter how painful the pulling is — it’s nothing to me.

The temperature of the wax is set to number four which is tolerable. My technician wore gloves and mask throughout the procedure,thumbs up.

She first trimmed stray hairs then applied powder. She carefully spread the product using a disposable stick, it’s a thick Popsicle Stick I believe, the one our pediatrician uses to check our tonsils.

After the thinly spread wax dries she pulled it. Again my pain tolerance is high, it’s nothing. For Brazilian Virgins out there the painful part of the waxing is in the upper region but the vagina itself (labia) can tolerate the waxing.

She removed the hair section by section and in less than thirty minutes, voilà!  She plucked the remaining hairs then finally applied soothing cream. I was advised not to wet the wax area for 6 – 8 hours, urinating is okay but do not wash it.

Brazilian Strips

So the above photo was the actual wax strips. I set it to black & white because it will look gross. LOL

All in all I paid, Php1090 — Php750 for Brazilian, Php220 for Brows Fantasy, and Php120 for the upper lip.

My comments would only be the following:

  • I am not sure if the tweezers and scissors were sterilized.
  • They should have a pair of Depileve every cubicle so the customers don’t have to wait if the wax is being used by another technician.
  • They should make the space more cozy — incandescent light, music, and magazines inside the cubicle.

I would rate my experience 8 out of 10.

Will I come back? Most probably but will try other salons first.

Have you tried waxing???

Xx Sam

Bare Skin is located at 2nd floor, Southwing SM Mall of Asia and 5th floor Building A, SM Megamall. For more information, Visit

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