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After carrying my babies for an out of town trip. It’s time to give them some love and bath.

I only did spot cleaning while I was in CDO because “How am I going to dry them fast in the first place?”


I clean my brushes almost weekly depending on how I often I used them and what product I used in them.

For Foundation Brush or any other brush that touches majority of my face I clean them right away.

As for the others I wash them once a week. If I used dark e/s I wash them right away also.

I have two sets of brushes so just in case they are still wet I can go on with my makeup.

(I use my fingers when in a hurry most of the time)


I used this Anti-bacterial Hand soap and cleansing oil to clean my brushes.

The cleansing oil is also my makeup remover (I will do a separate post for this product because it’s super awesome).

As for the Hand Soap, it’s from Watson’s buy 1 take 1 promos, I hoard them for this purposes. But if I don’t have an anti bacterial liquid soap. I used a regular dishwashing soap or shower gels that I got from the hotels.


To clean them:

  1. Mix two pumps of Hand Soap then four pumps of cleansing oil.
  2. Swipe the brush into the mixture back and forth until all makeup residue is removed.
  3. Add mixture if necessary
  4. Rinse with tap water
  5. Hang to dry

The cleansing oil remove makeup residues just like what it does on our skin. It also conditions the brushes.

While the hand soap makes it squeaky clean.

It is important to dry them in the position away from the bristles’ base so that it will remain intact for a long time. Clean brushes result to clean face so do not forget them.

And oh wash your sponges and other applicators too.

Now my brushes are all ready for another action.

How about you? How do you clean your brushes and how often?

Let me know below.


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