Bullet Journal Page Ideas (2018)

Me Time

If you already read my recent post about my 2018 planners/journals one of my notebooks is dedicated to Bullet Journaling. I separated my Bujo from my daily to-do/meeting notes as it is too artsy for meetings (and bulky too). I love bullet journal because it is flexible and you can really unleash your creativity.

It also helps me plan my life according to my goals. From my 2017 Bujo, I got excited with trackers and collection and ended up not using them at all. I did a lot of pages after my future log then more of them per month. Not all trackers worked for me.

Let’s get started, shall we?


bujo page idea-goals

I always start with my goals. This gives me a clear vision of what I want to do this year. It also determines the other trackers I will have in the succeeding pages.

From last year, I just jotted down generic goals. I ended up achieving only 60% of it. This year I want to be more committed so I added numbers to them.

SMART goals really work and hopefully, I will stick to them. *fingers cross*

Ideal Routine

In a perfect world, we all wish to diligently follow the desired schedule but because of other factors we overdo some task or do something else.

I found this layout on Pinterest. I believed I have browsed tons of layouts before finally settling to this one. Although it is not pinned in front me making me gave a memory of my ideal day.

Monthly Chores

bujo page idea-monthly chores

I am one obsessed person to keep the house clean.  My mom has a OCD and growing up made me adopt her habits of routine cleaning every single day.

I did a monthly grid for staple cleaning that I need to do. I focused on always changing the sheets because I have an allergy. Way back home we change it weekly, now I opt to change it monthly unless it becomes gross before the month end.

I also included throwing in empties and expired items because I tend to hoard toiletries and makeups. So having this tracker remind me to have a regular clean-up of my stuff.

Since I still have space at the bottom, I added daily tasks to remind me to keep our room tidy.

Health/Fitness Pages

Weight Tracker

bujo page idea-weight tracker

I record my daily waking up weight on my FLO app. Here in my Bujo, I record my month end weight to see if there is progress in my effort. This made me happy because a difference from the start weight makes me feel that I have accomplished something.

It is also set in monthly so I won’t be too hard on myself if I did not lose any pounds for a particular month. I tried to write a nice quote at the bottom buy I ruined it. I stick a nice quote sticker instead.

Gym Tracker

bujo page idea-gym attendance

I started tracking my gym attendance on a weekly basis, but I don’t see progress. Oftentimes, I forgot to shade my boxes, so for this year, my goal is to at least visit the gym at least 10x per month. It is equal to three visits per week plus one day, not bad huh?

Period Health

bujo page-idea period health

This is connected with my two previous health tracker. Even though I have an app, it’s always nice to see the summary of my reproductive health every year. After all, after learning that the woman’s period is her monthly health report card, I’ll be committed.

Here you will see legends for doctor appointments, tests, other symptoms, and medication I am taking for my PCOS.

Gratitude Page (Insert)

bujo page idea-gratitude log

Last year, I also do my gratitude log on a monthly basis, but for this year I dedicated one insert for my gratitude log. The truth is I over think so writing what am I thankful for every day makes me get back on track to not let sadness be in my way.

I also write short reflection when I feel blue. I used a light gray pen for that.

Other Inserts / Pages

My other inserts are dedicated to this blog so I dump in ideas on what to post and other important stuff. I also have another insert for Mrs. A Events so I can track clients and staffing for other teams.

I still have vacant inserts which I will figure out what to put.

Any ideas?

Please feel to share them on my Facebook Page and I would like to copy them. lol







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