Bypass Burger, call 911

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by pass burger congressionalI’ve always wondered why there are such cars outside this store. They sell burgers, a friend of mine told me. So when we had a lazy Sunday and big appetite we stopped by and gave it a try.

We got overwhelmed how big their burgers are so to play safe we order the double bypass burger for our first try.

double bypass
If you are a burger lover this is small for you but for me it is enormous. lol I got full by simply looking at it, my partner enjoyed it so much and since I put too much hot sauce I ended up drinking water in between and not consume the burger at all. Poor me. 

It’s 100% beef, seasoned just right, cooked medium well. No fancy dressing needed, tomatoes and cabbage is enough but I think a caramelized onion would be better. 

On our next trip we will try the cardiac arrest burger which is as big as a dinner plate but this time for sharing. 

They are open until 11pm so if you are craving for something gluttonous in the middle of the night, stop by at BYPASS BURGER and experience food coma. 

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