CASBAA 2014 | Day 1 | Hong Kong

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This is my fifth travel in Hong Kong. I feel privileged to be part of our company’s delegation. My main tasks is to assist my bosses and if given a chance speak up.

Our main purpose is to represent the country as well as talk about the industry’s growth.

My day started really early, I slept around 2am and woke up around 4am then rushed to the airport by 5am. I cannot believe that EDSA is congested that early. Luckily, I made it 15 minutes before the boarding time. Haha



Our flight was with Philippine Airlines and I am very pleased because there were no delays.

I requested a window seat and I was assigned four rows after the wings. The take off felt like a roller coaster.


Breakfast was served. I ate daing na bangus and then tried to take a nap but I failed. My back is giving me hard time (bone spurs). So I stared at my window and enjoyed the cirrus clouds.


We arrived and the fiasco started….

Our local travel agent failed to properly arranged hotel transfer and we waited for two hours to look for the pick up guy.

We ended up having lunch at the airport’s best restaurant.


We took a cab to the hotel and then rushed once again to chase out 3pm meeting. We waited and head to our traditional Chinese dinner with Cable Boss.

They even gave me a gift since I got promoted.


It is so clean and crisp. No after taste. I cannot describe it but it’s very lovely.

My room is too big for me and I am half awake while I type this entry. I am praying for a smooth day later.

Please pray for me. We have five meetings tomorrow.


this post seem weird and talkative haha

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