CASBAA 2014 | Day 3 | Hong Kong

Food & Places


Finally! The back to back to back meeting is over. We managed to talk to all the people we want to meet and learned a lot.

Writing yesterday’s entry resulted to not having a breakfast. Our meeting started at 10 am; we used Uber Car Services and then had a Japanese lunch.

We also met with our equivalent association from Thailand and more content providers.

We had dinner in Tim Ho Wan, Pork Bun is amazing! We stroll the IFC mall but no hope of getting a cheap shoe replacement.

The waiting time for a cab was long so we decided to go to Wyndham and check Dragon-I bar. I had a boost and we talked about things without boundaries.

realizations there are things that aren’t in your hands and there are things that is normal in any society. People love to complain… and me? I need to be more mature

I packed my things for tomorrow. I miss Manila already. I need to work on the projects that we have and hopefully, me and my team could get things done.

see my Instagram summary deed below…








I’ve been pretty consistent with my online diary once again.


I hope everything is going well with everyone. If it’s rough, don’t worry it’ll pass.


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