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Okay? Lemme see if I can finish this post in 20 minutes.

We went to Cebu last July 7 – 9 for an ocular inspection. It’s my first time there and I just fell in love with the place. Although it’s very hot there (wrong weather forecast as usual) i still managed to take a look around.

We stayed at Radisson Blu new Hotel in the City.


The hotel is very beautiful. The room, amenities, service, etc. Except for the food, the breakfast buffet was a little off for my taste buds.

Then we went to see Cebu International Convention Center. My initial thought: I hope they can make the renovation, the place really need it.


Or maybe there was no event that time.

The next day we stayed at Waterfront Hotel (The hotels gave us trial stays). They held the convention there thrice or twice and for my view today it is still elegant but old.


and the dust made me itchy and my hands numb. Disappointed

We had lunch at Marco Polo formerly Cebu Plaza the place was nice and cozy and also…. OLD….


I even witnessed a wedding photo shoot at Marco Polo. Love Struck

I cannot remember detailed happening there because all i know is we ate a lot, literally a lot. I was so full because we had buffets from breakfast to dinner. I didn’t manage to eat until afternoon the next day.

I/We are still going to come back their on January cause the Convention will be on March so I hope I can learn to speak Cebuano by then. Winking


This is my version. LOL

i will be posting my next visit their. Batting Eyelashes



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