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Celeteque Body Cream

 I have to say, Celeteque has a great product line and they continue to launch more. This rainy season our skin tends to dry more and since it’s cold, I won’t feel greasy, that is why I being studious on applying lotion.

When I saw this in Trinoma, being a fan of the brand, I purchased it. True enough, this product didn’t disappoint me.

Celeteque_Radiance Body Cream

 This lotion is very lightweight, fast absorbing, and gives an instant brightness when applied. When you sweat, it doesn’t feel greasy at all. This lotion smells clean too, but does not stay throughout the day. This is the lotion that you can apply in the morning and night and it makes it look so supple and healthy.

I just find the bottle too soft, maybe because you’ll squeeze it, but the product might spill if you try to bring it with you.

I am a little fickle-minded when it comes to lotions and I just grab whatever is near me, so I haven’t justified the long-term effect of this product.

So far, so good.

This is available in one size only, for PhP270.00, I brought mine in Trinoma landmark.


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