CellOrigin secured a new round of investment for developing its globally proprietary iPSC-CAR-Macrophage technology platform


HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On Oct. 11th, 2021, CellOrigin Inc. released data about its second generation of iPSC-CAR-Macrophage which has a genetically integrated secondary signal to confer controlled CAR-iMac polarization, in the 5th International Conference of IGC China, 2021, Beijing.

Recently, CellOrigin Biotech, a company committed to iPSC-derived innate immune cell therapeutics, has announced a new round of investment by Kunlun Capital. The investment will be used for the CMC development for its current pipeline of iPSC-derived innate immune cells such as iPSC-CAR-Macrophage and rationlly designed iPSC-NK cells. Before, CellOrigin have also acquired investment from Shulan Health and Nest. Bio Ventures.

CellOrigin Biotech has a long term focus on iPSC-derived innate immune cells and its applications in new cancer immune cells. Dr. Jin Zhang, the scientific co-founder of CellOrigin used to be trained as a research fellow at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Now, his team worked closely with clinicians at the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, and for the first time his team reported the induced pluripotent stem cell or iPSC-derived CAR-macrophages (CAR-iMac), and its applications in cancer immunotherapies.

CellOrigin Biotech holds the domestic and global patents for iPSC-derived CAR-Macrophage, and the engineering for polarization. With this proprietary platform, they are collaborating with research groups in genome engineering and synthetic biology worldwide to fully unleash the potential of iPSC-derived immune cells, which are highly editable, expandable and clonal. Eventually, they would like to achieve a goal of bring more effective, universal and safe immune cell products to cancer patients, especially for those with solid tumors. The investigator initiated trials has been initiated at the First Hospital of Zhejiang University. The core proprietary technology platform and the core patents including the engineered macrophages from pluripotent stem cells has been authorized and is in the process of entering different countries worldwide.

To support the CMC of its pipeline products, on Oct 1st, CellOrigin has announced the launch of its 3000 square feet GMP facility at Hangzhou, China.

About Kunlun Capital

Founded in 2015, Kunlun capital is committed to long-term value investment, establishing long-term partnership with entrepreneurs, and focusing on investing in enterprises with high technical barriers, excellent founding team and explosive growth potential. In recent years, Kunlun capital has successively invested in KEYA Medical, EdiGene, Cytek (NASDAQ:CTKB), Hui-Gene Therapeutics, OBiO, Okeanos, Ucell Biotech, CellOrigin, Soonsolid, Inke (HK:03700), Dada (NASDAQ:DADA), Dreame, Bamboocloud, Pony.ai, PingCAP, Leyan Technologies.

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