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I went to a Korean grocery few months back and I spotted these sheet masks. It’s on sale that is why I grabbed it immediately. I paid PHP100.00 for this eight (masks) in different variants.

I got two green tea and arbutin.


The back part has both Korean and English description for each variant. There is also a proper instruction on how to use it.


I love using this at night while reading a book.




The packaging looks nice and straightforward. Once you open it the product looks secured inside. Though it comes in different variant they all smell the same except for the Green Tea.

The sheet has the right size and holes fit my face perfectly. It feels really cold once you laid it and after 20 minutes the sheet is still wet. I spread the remaining product on to my skin until absorbed.

My skin feels and look supple after. No irritations and breakouts.

I use this once a week and I definitely would like to include masks in my skin care routine.


That’s it for my quick review/insight about this affordable mask. I want to try other brands please post your recommendation below.



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