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It was our office Christmas Party yesterday and I meet with fellow bloggers Ana and Eyah to take photos for our giveaway which will be live tomorrow. Are you excited?

Remember my fairy god mother post?

Here comes my review on Charm Travel Pro v3. For two years my personal brush was the Charm Travel Pro v2 and though I like the brushes so much I still have some dislikes about it. There is always room for improvement and this why the version three was born.

Featuring 14 travel sizes brushes combination of synthetic and animal hair – pony, squirrel, sable it assures that you will achieve a flawless makeup look using it.

It comes with this cute box.



I like the Eiffel Tower, hot air balloon, and the other cute thing depicting the word travel.

I also like how they included the proper washing instructions.


From the fuchsia faux croc casing it is now inside this lovely black faux croc with hot pink zippers. The change of color made it more sophisticated. It also has a wristband too making it easier to carry around.

Let’s see what’s inside…


The inside trimmings and linings are also hot pink and from the plastic compartment it also now in textile. I do not know what this is called but it is similar to umbrella.

Now the brushes…


  1. Concealer Brush
  2. Foundation Brush
  3. Angled Blush Brush
  4. Powder Blush
  5. Stippling Brush

The powder and blush brush are now made of pony hair (if I am right). If you’ll notice the concealer brush from v2 it is too thick for a concealer and I am very glad that there is a concealer and foundation brush.


  1. Dry/Wet eye shadow brush
  2. Angles eye shadow brush
  3. Blending brush
  4. Pencil Point Brush
  5. Flat liner brush
  6. Bent eyeliner brush
  7.  Eyebrow shading brush
  8. Brow Spoolie
  9. Lip brush

Can you compare the difference? This is indeed a bright upgrade for the brushes. I used it already and I love the performance.

This is PHP2,500 and I feel very lucky that this was given to me by my fairy god mother. The increase of price is worth it.

Add this on your Christmas wish list for a merry merry Christmas.

I need to go.

Visit to see more of their brushes.



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