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I am claiming that I am self taught cook. I had back ache cooking for the family last Christmas and New Year. As far as I remember I started cooking when I was 10 years old and since then I am their cook. A MUST have characteristic of a lady who wants to be a wife/mother in the future. I am glad I learned. Hot smile

Here’s what I cooked during Christmas. We call the Christmas Eve dinner Noche Buena.

Filipino Style Spaghetti

Filipino Style Spaghetti

My nephew was with us and my siblings were always child at heart they always request my Spaghetti during special occasions.

Fiesta Ham


Dad and I received couple of holiday ham so we shall cook them. As for my style I boil it first in fruit cocktail syrup before browning it.


Fried Liempo

This was supposed to be grilled but my brother was too lazy to get the gill started so I ended up pan frying it.

We usually do not cook a lot on Christmas because we save everything for new year. My mom is asleep most of our Christmas and since we moved from houses to house we don’t have a Christmas Tree either. Maybe next year we could start decorating.

New Year!!!

We call the New Year’s eve dinner Media Noche I like New Year more than Christmas because of the happy noise and fireworks. I started cooking around 6 PM and finished 10 PM.

Media Noche

What we follow during New Year is to have 12 different round fruits, no chicken in the menu, and the fish is a must have.

Bangus Sisig

Bangus (Milk Fish) Sisig

This is the best seller among the food I cooked. This is a very healthy alternative to pork because it’s fish. I put three chili peppers hear so it’s very hot.

Korean Beef

Korean Beef

This is a staple dish for the family every new year. We should have Korean Beef every new year. This time I toasted the sesame seeds and used two Chili peppers.

Ham de Bola

Ham de Bola

I told you we have a lot of Ham. We still have one more left in the fridge. haha This time I used Sprite (Clear Lemon Flavored Soda) and fruit cocktail to boil it.

Tomato Pesto & Meatballs

Tomato Pesto & Meatballs

I wonder why there were hotdogs. Oh well the Tomato Pesto tasted like the sauce from Italian restaurants Nerd smile. We don’t mix the sauce with the pasta when it’s red sauce. I give freedom on how much sauce they want to pour on their pasta. For other pasta dishes that I cooked I mix it.

Making the meatballs was my favorite part. My hands were dirty that I didn’t took a photo of it.


My sister then mixed Strawberry Juice, Iced Tea, Sprite, and Vodka for our cocktail. She was Sous Chef too, she was the one washing the dishes and chopping the ingredients.

The food were gone as of this writing though we were just five in the house I wonder how gluttonous my family member were. hahaha

As for my first day of the year, I spent it in bed as I had bad tonsillitis and asthma from watching fireworks. I hope I will feel better now because I am back to work.

What did you prepare during these two occasions?

Happy New Year everyone!


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