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The couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger.

It was a bright sunny day last Thursday when husband and I attended his college close friend’s wedding. The setting was laid back, no coördinator, few guests, the bride and the groom roams around the villa not fussy whether they’ll see each other or not.

Some weddings I’ve coördinated and attended were not like this.

Husband was one of the groomsmen, even though the rites were done in a civil ceremony setting, the officiant allowed them to have a processional.

To match his outfit of the day, weeks before the wedding I ordered this versatile (infinity) dress from Claudia. I chose light gray to neutralize the wedding theme. The color motif was mint green and I do not want to overpower the entourage. LOL

Meet Claudia

Unlike commercial infinity dresses, the textile used in this dress is soft, not chiffon, I believe. It is also stretchy to hug your skin comfortably. When I ordered, she just asked for my bust size and desired length. I am pleased with the result.

Claudia is the new business venture of my friend Bianca she already have a physical fashion store. After being the bride, she finally ventured to be a wedding supplier like me.

When she told me about it, I got so excited for my brides as the selection of bespoke dresses are endless. She does fancy silk robes for your pre-ceremony picture taking, long trail dresses for prenup shoot, or just dresses for any occasion.

And aside from making dresses, she does styling too. It’s really a step up for her career as she has always been a stylish lady even before we met. I even ordered a cocktail version of the versatile dress for semi-formal events. She accepts rush order so check her Facebook page on my sidebar to get a quote.

Anyhow, after the ceremony, the boys stayed for a drink and we drove home talking about how his friends end up with their wives, including our own story.

I love attending weddings as a guest. It gives me learnings, new ideas, and a relaxation I needed.

And oh, the husband is slowly turning into my Instagram husband so more OOTD for me. haha

What is your favorite infinity dresses style?

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