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I have always believed in paying-it-forward. Practising kindness towards our neighbours without expecting anything in return is something we learned as a child.

Even school curriculums have a dedicated subject on GMRC and values education, covering lessons on level of love. As we become an adult, earning our wages, we learned about tithes.

Whatever you give, it comes back to you.

Whenever I can help, whether by lending an ear or teaching a new hack. I know in some way, it’ll return to you.

I was browsing my Instagram when I stumbled upon a post from Tidily Ever After, she is like the Marie Kondo of the Philippines. I followed her after watching her videos on YouTube.

She posted a photo of meals she cooked for Frontline Feeders PH. I messaged her, I asked how to participate. She then gave me their Facebook page.

I messaged the page and received a form to fill up since the response to their initiative was tremendous. I was worried they will not get back to me cause I only pledged for 50 meals.

Two weeks later, I received a message. They asked for the details, and I sent them. The next thing I know, I was in the grocery buying ingredients.

I ended up cooking “Pares” slow cooked meat, usually beef in soy sauce and star anise. There was no beef in Savemore that day, so I got pork cubes which I cut into bite-sized pieces.

Since I have a slow cooker and we’re only in the house, a simple but flavorful dish was the best choice.

I dumped everything in the slow cooker and woke up early to get additional pork because it does not look enough for 50 people.

I have to cook the second batch on a stovetop. Here’s a “hyper lapse” video of my cooking.

It was tiring yes, but I love to cook. It makes my heart melt when the people I cooked for said that they loved the dish. It’s a motivation that you can continue what you love to do.

We are not obliged to volunteer, but there’s a silent plea that we can even in the smallest of acts we can. We also do not need to announce it nor bash the other who does it. I, for example, posted about it on social media and shared it with my friends.

But there are other good deeds that we can keep in ourselves.

It’s day 39 of this enhanced community quarantine, I hope you are all doing well. I am available to chat if you need someone to talk to. I will send you a photo of our dogs or the dinner I invented from leftovers.


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