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How is everyone doing?

My schedule is hectic lately and I cannot post since I still have a lot of photos to update. What also kept me busy this past few weeks was my Crossfit 101 sessions at Crossfit Insurrecto in Quezon City.

I was assigned to do  a write-up about Crossfit and I did try it out. The article will come out in Sister Secrets‘ website and I am very thrilled for you to read it. (I will edit the link once it is up) Well, I haven’t shrunk yet,  but I can feel that I am stronger than before. I don’t get tired easily and man, I can lift heavy object.

Here some GIF’s of myself. LOL


Me doing the cleans – 35 lbs bar plus 20 lbs plates each side.

Wall Walk

Wall Walk to get ready for hand stand. Actually the move was wrong because I should have walked my hands towards the wall. Scary!

Kettle Bell Swing

Kettle Bell swings, this is my favorite. I love how easy to swing the kettle bell from my hips to my arms.

Special thanks to my boyfie for taking the continuous shots of my work out so I can make this GIF. Crossfit became my second love after Yoga.

And of course, my graduation photo. I wasn’t able to take detailed photos because I was working out by the heart. I am very proud of myself, I shall continue this Crossfit once I clear up my schedule.



How do you sweat guys?

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xoxo SAMMY

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