Current Bath Loves from All Organics (Part I)

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Hello everyone,

You know that I bought tons of product from Milea last month and aside from makeup, I bought my bath soap and body scrub. I will feature them one at a time so that it will be easier to read.


I am really a fan of homemade soaps and organic products. Do you guys know Soap Opera? I’ve been buying my soap there but unfortunately it is no longer available in SM North Edsa.

Here’s the replacement I found.


Compare to the soap I am using before this is way cheaper it’s only Php 70.

This soap is made from oatmeal and glutathione (as written in the label). 

We know oatmeal is good for the heart as it lowers cholesterol and other health benefits I could enumerate AND it is also good for the skin.

Here are the skin benefits Oatmeal has to offer:

  1. Treats Acne
  2. Cleanses and Exfoliates
  3. Helps relieve dry irritated skin
  4. Protects the skin

While glutathione is the master of all antioxidants, it is use to cure liver illnesses and blood disorders, lucky us its side effect is to whiten skin. Wuhooooo!

So this is an all in one soap, I should say.

I am not on the process of skin whitening for those who are wondering why I chose this among other soap variants. I just like the idea of the oatmeal and glutathione combination. Open-mouthed smile

I read before that you cannot achieve paper like fairness if you are not born with it (UNLESS YOU WILL UNDERGO INTENSE BLEACHING/WHITENING TREATMENTS) science can do miracles.  The whitest complexion of each person varies from their own complexion. Check the side of your ears or your chest that’s the lightest complexion you could have.

Besides Filipina skin color is to die for. Many Western women toast their selves just to achieve the color we have so let’s focus taking good care of it rather than changing it.

This is my third bar actually and I will be replenishing my stock next week. Since it is made from natural ingredients it dissolves a little faster. So I cut this in half to maximize my usage. I am loving this soap and I will make another post showcasing other variants. So stay tune.

Sammy xx

This is not sponsored post.

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