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I am having a hard time now on my website because my Disk Space is 99% full. The technical support is taking so long to respond to my upgrade inquiry because I really do not want to delete my post and besides this site is only two months old.


The amount of time I spend in the web makes me discover things that I have never seen before. It also introduces me to products and services that eventually I will patronize.

A friend of mine posted a photo on Facebook, it’d caught my eyes because it’s mainly makeup and lingerie – things I adore in life. So I talked to her and ask where did she got those items. She said they are from Eden Fantasys. Do not be shocked when you see the items in their homepage because some items can wow us, some are still not comfortable about those I guess.

Aside from the Kinky stuff here and there they have beauty products too.

You know me I am sucker for makeups which come in cute packages and good quality too.

Look at the products I am eyeing. (I am hoping to get these items without trouble with customs – you know how import goods here in the Philippines)

Mineral Beauty Bronzer

Mineral Beauty Bronzer $ 22.99

If I convert it into peso it will cost around Php900+ similar price range with my Body Shop Baked Bronzer. The cute patterns caught my eyes although the review said it’s superficial (surface only) the dark base powder can match my Southeast Asian Skin Tone. I saw the size and it’s huge; Powder products last longer so this one can be in my stash for a long time. ^_^

Matte Lip Balm

Matte Lip Balm $ 4.99

The word ‘matte’ caught my eyes. I noticed some lip balms are shiny and I do not want its shimmer to overpower my lip color so I think this matte lip balm is the best solution for my problem.

Over / Under Lip Conditioner

Over / Under Lip Conditioner $ 5.99

See how I address my beauty problems with the products I am choosing? Talk about smart buying. haha I have extremely dry lips so this over / under lip conditioner is great to moisturize my lips prior to lip gloss.

Beauty Bronzers Face Palette

Beauty Bronzers Face Palette $ 16.99

While typing this I am hitting my calculator too, roughly around Php700+ for this cute little palette. Palettes like this are great for travel. I like keeping one in my purse all the time just in case I need to paint my face all of a sudden.

Phew! The products above will cost Php2000 for me. hahaha

I will update you once I actually got these products and I will do in-depth review on each. Meanwhile browse Eden Fantasys for more products.


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