Debut Makeover for Khay


Two weeks ago my elementary classmate told me that her cousin will have a début. She was asking me if I know some makeup artist but my messenger friends were offline. So I volunteered myself to do it, I want to test my limits if I can do makeup for other faces.

Khay, the debutant, has a very good skin to begin with. I primed her face using V&M Rose Clay primer and Revlon Perfecting Primer.

For her foundation I mixed three colors, I don’t have a wide array of liquid foundations so I mixed the dark with the light to match her skin.

I didn’t use a concealer because she doesn’t have any blemishes.

For the brows, I groomed it slightly but I was ill and I was shaking. So I used a yellow concealer to shape her brows. Clever huh?

Now with the eyes.

I used the shadow blast primer by Covergirl and applied a shimmer beige eye shadow to set it. Did the crease contour using two brown matte eye shadow.

I was not satisfied so I grabbed my black eye shadow and did a smokey eyes.

It’s her début let her shine.

I finished it off with a false eyelashes.

For the face I contoured her nose and cheeks. I added a warm pink blush and a shimmer white powder for highlight.

For the lips, I mixed three lip colors a fuchsia, red, and coral. haha I love mixing colors to create a personalized hue. I added a cool matte pink eye shadow to make it last longer.

I powdered the face with my trusty Faceshop Phytogenic Dual Foundation.
Debut Makeup

The only problem I met was the time. I have to curl her hair but ended up with a side swept wave. We were rushing.

I am a little sad with the hair outcome.

Lesson learned: Start early, start with the hair. 

I would like to thank my friend Chel for trusting me paint her cousin’s face.

I forgot to take a before photo but once the official photo arrived I will update this post.

Happy 18th Birthday Khay!

Did I made justice for her smokey debut look? I hope so.


*Photos to be updated*

I would be very glad to paint your face too, email me

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